Fantastic Quaternions- Numberphile - Numberphile


Dr James Grime discusses a type of number beyond the complex numbers, and why they are useful.Extra footage: links & stuff in full description below ???Support us on Patreon: on Facebook: tweets: is supported by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI): by Brady HaranBrady's videos subreddit:'s latest videos across all channels: up for (occasional) emails: T-Shirts: merchandise: thanks to these supporters: Jeff StraathofChristian CooperPeggy YouellKen BaronToday I Found OutRoman UrbanovskiMehdi RazaviJohn BuchanBill ShillitoAndrzej 'Yester' FiedukowiczSusan SilverLêOK MerliSpiked MathRexDex Thomas BuckinghamPeter KærHenry ReichGeorge GreeneArnas Paul BatesMichael SurragoplusunimTracy ParryStan CiprianMark KlamerusKeith VertreesTyler O'ConnorKristian JoensenValentin James P BuckleyMichael