Farmer Tip #10 | Sure You Can Grow Crops, But Can You Sell Them? - Bright Agrotech


Ryan Sweeney is the owner of Localize Farm, a hydroponic farm that grows herbs in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Read the whole article here:'s a lot of advice out there for farmers (see the Modern Farmer Tips playlist) and Ryan's experience has taught him a lot of lessons. One tip that Ryan always gives to new farmers is to understand their distribution model.Whether you're delivering live towers to your customers or packaging microgreens in smoothie cups, your distribution model deeply influences the financials of your operations.There’s no one-size-fits-all distribution model, since all markets have slightly different opportunities. Farm location, manpower, crop choice, market type, and customer type will all influence the convenience and costs of your distribution model. Choose one that balances the needs of your customer with the needs of your process.