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Read the article here: are nearly impossible to keep out of your greenhouse, and once they're in, the reproduce like... well, aphids. Because aphids can reproduce both sexually and asexually when a female clones herself, they are incredibly proliferous. The biology around this is incredible but can pose a real problem to farmers.Controlling aphids requires a 2-part approach: first, the initial control to get populations manageable. Second, a long term management plan to keep them subdued. Initial controls are quick-response methods like sprays, and could include soaps, biological sprays, and pyrethrin products. Long term controls for aphids revolve around creating an IPM plan for your farm. To learn more about how to build an IPM strategy, check out the links in the article.If this video was helpful to your farm, please subscribe! We publish helpful farm management information and news every week for farmers just like you. ------------Timestamps / What’s Covered: 00:13 - What are Aphids?00:28 - Why are Aphids a Pest?01:15 - When Do You Have a Problem?02:04 - DIY & Home Solutions03:03 - Organic Solutions03:43 - Treating a Serious Outbreak------------Connect with Bright Agrotech:Website: by:Scott Gratton